Blog 6, a Reblog: 23 Questions to ask yourself before posting a blog or web content

While I was researching information for my sixth blog about the most effective type of content for my company or organization, I came across this blog that is pretty well universal to all Web content: 23 Questions to ask yourself before posting a blog or web content. As a writer and editor I love checklists for […]

The Tale of Two Companies

For my blog comparing a successful Social Media campaign to an unsuccessful Social Media campaign, I am back to one of my favourite social-media tools, TripAdvisor. I will be comparing another favourite of mine, The Kimpton Hotel chain, to The Original London Sightseeing Tour. Kimpton is a relatively new boutique chain of hotels operating solely […]

Social Media Beats Concierge Service, the Sequel

Tom and I continued our trip with me looking into TripAdvisor recommendations the entire way, somewhat unsuccessfully. On arriving in London from Paris late Sunday afternoon we discovered that we were at the wrong hotel in the chain. Tom’s admin assistant had booked us into a different one from the hotel that I had done […]