Blog 6, a Reblog: 23 Questions to ask yourself before posting a blog or web content

While I was researching information for my sixth blog about the most effective type of content for my company or organization, I came across this blog that is pretty well universal to all Web content:

23 Questions to ask yourself before posting a blog or web content.

As a writer and editor I love checklists for ensuring I have paid attention to all the details, and this blog gives me that assurance.


The client I am taking this social media course to help offers Microsoft applications, such as Exchange, CRM, and SharePoint, in the cloud, largely to channel partners for resale to small businesses and associations. As a business-to-business company, there are several types of content that need to be readily available:

  • Marketing materials explaining how managed service providers (MSPs) can market cloud services to businesses
  • Technical specifications about the servers and the various applications, with emphasis on security issues
  • Procedures written for both the resellers, who are technically adept, and for their clients, who may need more detailed information
  •  Techniques for optimizing each application to meet the needs of particular clients

My case study analysis this weekend has also opened my eyes to the fact that this client would be well served by using various social media platforms for their partners and those partner’s customers to post content about their wants and needs. This client has a standing offer out to all its channel partners: any partner can develop an application on the existing portal and my client will market that application to customers through the other resellers, with the bulk of the proceeds going to the originating partner. It would be helpful to have a place where customers can outline what applications they want or need, giving partners a sense of where their development efforts will be most effective.


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