Revisiting Past Haunts

This past Sunday evening watching television took us down memory lane to an earlier family vacation. No, we did not attend the Oscars in a previous year (or life): the CBC show, The Republic of Doyle, was set this week in the Newfoundland town of Brigus on Conception Bay

Brigus, Newfoundland

Brigus, Newfoundland

In July 2011 my husband’s family all went to Newfoundland to celebrate a wedding and the parents-of-the-bride wisely chose Brigus as the place to accommodate the clan. Given the unique character of every place we visited during our time on the rock, if any town in Newfoundland can be called quintessentially Newfoundland, Brigus is it. This was our first experience using a vacation rental by owner type of system and Newfoundland could not be a better place to try it out. For the 28 extended-family members, we rented three houses scattered throughout Brigus. With mother-in-law and her sister joining our family of four, I think we scored the best house, but all three houses perfectly suited the needs of their particular occupants.

View from VRBO house balconey

View from VRBO house balcony

The natives were extremely friendly and graciously tolerated the partying and running back and forth. I can highly recommend Newfoundland as a holiday destination, and as a place every Canadian should visit at least once. While in Brigus I can also recommend the chowder, tea biscuits and blueberry crisp at The Country Corner Restaurant.


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