Wandering through the maze of Social Media

Welcome to Peggy’s Ponderings, a collection of thoughts as I wander through life and this Social Media maze I am learning about. As a technical writer I need to keep current with all the latest tools to be able to practice my profession. I thought of Social Media as an area where I was woefully ignorant, only to discover I have been using it for as long as I have been using the Internet without giving it that name. For several years now TripAdvisor and other consumer forums are the first research resources I contact whenever I need to make a purchasing decision. Wikipedia is my last stop when doing crossword puzzles before I cheat and look at the answers. My choir now uses Groupanizer to post learning tracks, lyrics and other important information. I recently joined LinkedIn for professional reasons.

In spite of all this, I still feel trepidation whenever I try to figure out what social-media tools I should be using. This blog is my first step into a more active social-media role and I invite you along for the journey.

About Me

I am a married mother of two adult daughters and began my professional life as a medical technologist. With my usual great timing, I segued into a career as a technical writer just before the 2001 tech bust. Despite the economic uncertainty of being a freelancer, I love this career for feeding my need to be constantly learning. As I have told people who are surprised when I have some obscure knowledge that they never thought somebody outside their profession would be interested in, writers tend to absorb random information from the air around them.

My non-professional interests include travel, reading, crafts, home design and singing. If you live in Eastern Ontario and love to sing, check out http://www.shoutsisterchoir.ca/. There is also a Shout Brother! Choir in Ottawa for men.


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